Cherish Our Children

Grace Lutheran Church participates in Cherish Our Children, a national Lutheran ministry of prayer, education, relationship-building and action to prevent child sexual exploitation. The heart of Cherish Our Children is in congregations, where people like us pray, speak and act on behalf of children in the congregation and community.

How it works: We pair each child (a school-age child who attends Sunday School at Grace Lutheran or one of our preschool students) with a sponsoring family in the congregation. That family prays for the child throughout the next year and remembers her or him with greeting cards at the beginning and end of the school year and on preschool Sunday, Christmas and Easter, and also on the child’s birthday and other appropriate dates.

Participating congregation members have the opportunity to meet the child they sponsor on Preschool Sunday, a day of celebration held each October.

For more information, please visit the Cherish Our Children website.